Just to recap..below is the initial outline we are working from. We are all the way down to buying horse farms. We will discuss this in detail in the next blog entry. Please just be aware of one thing. Owning a horse farm is not a situation where you just sit and watch your horses graze in the back fields. It is just the opposite, you should almost never be sitting to properly care for your animals. It is constant work every day, so you need to be equipped with the mental and physical strength to stand up to the rigors.


Areas that will be covered in detail..

1. assessing your personal situation.
      a. non-contingent
      b. contingent
      c. cash buyer
      d. mortgaged buyer
            i. conventional
           ii. FHA
          iii. investor
          iv. VA
           v. USDA
          vi. first time buyers
      e. second home purchaser
       f. horse farm buyer
      g. short sale buys
      h. foreclosed/HUD purchases

2. Searching with Agent for your home
     a. computer
     b. in-person

3. Offer/ Negotiate

4. Processing/Paperwork

5. Closing.