So the first area of concern as a buyer here in South Jersey, is assessing your personal situation. For example, a savvy investor who purchases a couple properties a month would have a very different  set of needs versus a first time home buyer.

Likewise, a contingent buyer will have a completely different set of concerns versus a non- contingent buyer.  Therefore we will begin our discussion with these two types of buyers.

                              NON-CONTINGENT  v. CONTINGENT BUYERS

From a negotiation stand point, all things being equal, the non-contingent buyer would be more desirable to a seller than a contingent buyer, basically there are less things that can go wrong with a non-contingent buyer.

Here in South Jersey, after coming to a meeting of the minds on price, there are a whole host of inspections and hurdles that must be taken care of to get a "clear to close".  These issues are; closing date & time that is good for all parties, attorney review period, home inspection, termite inspection, radon inspection, certificate of occupancy, and finally the bank appraisal should come in at a number equal to or greater than the negotiated sales price. Not all of these are the buyers responsibility, and with a contingent buyer there are theoretically two sets of all these concerns that must be taken care of.

In conclusion, keep two things in mind, one, cash is still king, and two, not all contingentbuyers are the same. By this I mean that some contingent buyers may already have the home that they need to sell to make the purchase, under contract and past many, if not all of the above hurdles and variables.